One of the precious few fire spirits that bind themselves in a vessel voluntarily. Halak may not be a raging, formless inferno without shape or name, but she's never let that stop her from fueling her undouseable enthusiasm and curiosity. Not even the most physical of bodies can keep a living flame from finding new people to visit, new places to see, new adventures to see, and... new kinds of flammable things to eat.

Halak is a fire spirit. This means that, inside her human-shaped outer shell, she's made entirely from flames. This renders her impervious to physical attacks, but EXTREMELY weak to everything that could put a fire out. Touching water is physically painful, and being deprived of oxygen can quickly snuff her out. She's still affected by all manner of magical attacks, especially spirit bindings. She'd be a formiddable opponent in direct physical combat, if she was at all interested, but thankfully she'd never hurt a fly. At least, not on purpose. No fire ever hurts anything on purpose.

Halak comes from (or claims to come from) the Splinter of Shuddash, a floating ruin in the sky that's always on the move.