Quirk: Empath

Kami sees auras of color around every person, which reflect their mental state. He can see somebody's happiness, sadness, anxiousness, and more.

On its own, this quirk is neither remarkable nor rare. Empath-type quirks are common in the psychiatry and therapy fields. But while most empath quirks can be ignored, or not activated, Kami's is active at all times. Kami's vision is dominated by the emotional auras of the people around him, blazing brightly enough to be seen through walls and buildings.

But it was only after years of observation that Kami was able to, from a person's roiling aura, spot criminal intent. He can pick out the glow of a cruel mind seeking its next victim, or a paranoid one on the run from the law, or an impulsive one on the verge of lashing out.

After years of living with his quirk, of seeing emotion lead to action lead to consequence with frightening regularity, Kami has found one thing inadequate: the criminal justice system. It is inefficient and pointless, only punishing criminals after they have committed their crimes and done their damage to society. He sees a better way like nobody else can: criminals and villains must be stopped before they do any harm at all. Anyone with cruel intentions must be brought to their knees before they can enact their cruelty on others. Kami's biggest frustration is that nobody else seems to feel the same way. He strikes out on his own, stopping those about to commit crime by any means necessary.

To call Kami a judge, jury, and executioner would be inaccurate. Judges will try you for your crimes - Kami will try you for your mind.

POWER - 1/5 D
SPEED - 3/5 D